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     Marion County Veterans Memorial Park     

                                        Tennessee Veterans of America   Tennessee Veterans of America   Tennessee Veterans of America   Tennessee Veterans of America

Over and Above the Call of Duty!

The Tennessee Veterans of America are a dedicated group of men and women,
Veterans and Civilians alike, who are here to serve our local Veterans that have
shown their bravery in the service of helping to keep our country safe and free!
Most of these unique group members themselves have at some point in their
own lives taken a tour of duty somewhere in the world with our country deep in
their minds and hearts while very often having bravely volunteered to put their
own lives in danger for the preservation of their own country's freedom and rights,
for the sake of our United States of America.

They have also helped to keep alive the spirits of those missing in action or prisoners
of war inside the thoughts of our fellow citizens, comrades, and their families. We
don't call Tennessee the Volunteer State for nothing, because so many of our
Tennessee Veterans have volunteered to shed their blood for us to stay free and true
to our country and our quaint little town here that has survived so much. So many
people from all over the world even know how great our country and our town is and
they so badly want to be here, because we all know that WHEN YOU ARE IN

The Tennessee Veterans of America have also created and built
for all to view at anytime. It is in honor of all Veterans from all wars and peacetime.
This Memorial is for the Veteran! This is the ONLY Tribute to the Veterans of the
Sequatchie Valley.

This group meets at the Whitwell City Hall every 4th Thursday of each month
at 7:00pm Central Standard Time
, and they urge you to join them and become a part of
something great and worthwhile for our country and our veterans.

Other events include:

Park Committee Meetings - 1st Saturday of every month at 9:00am at Whitwell City Hall.

~ The 'Laying of the Wreaths' on Veterans Day
is to recognize and honor all
servicemen and servicewomen who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States.
We try to have at least 1 male from each war and 1 woman who is/was a spouse, sister,
aunt, etc., to place a wreath at the plaque that their loved one was involved in.
2008 was our first year and our turn out was around 250 people. We have a few politians
who speak and some of the city and county founders are usually there as well.
If you would like to comment on the park or Veterans and what they mean to you, .
then please contact us and we will try to fit you in. The ceremony will start
around 10am in the morning of Veteran's Day and the wreaths will be layed at 11am sharp
followed by the playing of taps.

Right now, we are taking names of Veterans to have there names ingraved in
the granite slab at the park, please present some form of Veteran ID and $60.00
Please contact Martha Thurmer at 423-658-9380 for this.

You can contact Joe Morrison or JC Higgins at either of the following numbers should
you be interested in attending any event put on by this group, or even if you would
like to donate to their cause in any charitable manner. There is also the POW/MIA Flag
that they will bring to your home or business and install for you for a nominal fee.

Please call at anytime:

(423)658-0994 or


If anyone has something to suggest about the Marion County Veterans Park
should contact Bobby Miller the Veteran's Park Board President - (423)658-6145
and in his absense please contact a board member.

Click Here to Contact us at namvet047@live.com
or here at namvet047@gmail.com

Please send any donations to this address:

Marion County Veterans Memorial Park
PO Box 15
Whitwell, TN 37397

                      Tennessee Veterans of America

A Very Special Thanks to all the Veterans and their families who
gave us the honor to show their Military Veterans pictures below that were
displayed during Whitwell's Labor Day 2010 Celebration at the
Marion County Veterans Memorial Park!

We all Love, Honor, and Respect our Military Veterans, and we Appreciate
our Freedom because of all of our American Military Veterans!


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The Howitzer
that was awarded
to the
Marion County
Memorial Park!

The Howitzer awarded to the Marion County Veterans Memorial Park

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Our Monument
that we raised
funds to go
to the
Marion County
Memorial Park!

The new Monument that we raised funds for, to go to the Marion County Veterans Memorial Park

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